Schools Recycling Training Programs

At ADA we provide recycling training workshops and educational training workshops on the environment, for key stage 2 primary school pupils, about recycling, renewable energy and how important it is for our environment and climate control. All of our workshops involves classroom activities and is delivered in a classroom lesson format which lasts 1 – 1¼ hour per session and are aligned to the present school curriculum.

The first recycling workshop, is called Sort, Separate and Segregate, and includes activities such as quizzes, and lots of classroom interaction. The training reinforces the extremely good work that is being done at present in schools around recycling and believes that it fits and works well with the Sustainability Environmental Green Flag Award requirements. (Eco – schools).At the end of the training session we finish with the pupils looking at and handling a number of items that have been made from recycled materials, including plastics, rubber and various other materials.

The Learning Objectives of our workshops are as follows:-

  • To empower the children to realise that they can make a big difference to their own environment.
  • To help them understand why separating waste is so important to the environment.
  • To understand how to separate waste and the meaning of segregation.
  • To engage in discussion and work collaboratively

The learning skills we use during our training lessons are:-

  • Concentration,
  • Investigation
  • Discussion,
  • Collaboration,
  • Presenting,
  • Thinking,
  • Cooperating.

We leave a CD with the school with follow up exercises which re-enforce the training they have received and that can be used as a refresher tool throughout the school year. We also give each pupil a small gift to take home as a reminder of the recycling training workshop.

We also discuss with the head teachers and ECO co-ordinators of the schools various ongoing projects that the schools may undertake, including building a greenhouse out of plastic bottles and how to set up a time capsule in the school monitoring how different things decompose over periods of time.

Our second recycling workshop is called ‘What can we recycle at school and the process of recycling these items’ and is aimed at Key Stage 2 (years 5 – 6). It looks in depth at things that schools are recycling, what these things are made of, and how they can be recycled into new products, including video clips.

Our third workshop, which is again for year 6 primary schools and year 7 comprehensive schools, is called Our World and the objective of this workshop is for pupils to understand and discuss the role, which they as being  Global Citizenscan play in protecting our environment. In this workshop we also look in Continents and their populations and Renewable energy and other alternative energy sources.

Also available for Key stage one classes, is a morning session, introducing the pupils to ‘The World of Ogs’. The Ogs will be used to inspire pupils to consider how they can use recycled materials around them to engage in environmentally friendly play.  Pupils will be asked to design their own imaginary characters and to create an Og Diary in which to begin recording things that they think their character would find interesting.

This introductory workshop can be developed in to further workshops to enable pupils to consider how they can make their character and begin to tell stories using their Og as a prompt.

This training session also includes activities such as quizzes and other classroom activities and includes video footage of various recycling processes, including the recycling process of plastics, glass, food & garden waste and electrical appliances to name a few. The duration is again 1 – 1¼ hours.

ADA is working in partnership with a number of local authorities in Wales and testimonials from schools with whom we have worked are available to be seen.

 Please feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange a free demonstration at your school of our School Recycling Training Workshops.


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